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Forever Valentine

"Forever Valentine" by Charlie Wilson     Record companies are not doing their jobs.  For Valentine's Day, Charlie Wilson dropped a banger that needs to be on everyone's stepping playlist and I didn't catch wind of it, until his Breakfast Club interview, today.  Check it out: "Forever Valentine" - Charlie Wilson
Valentine's Day I can't wait for tomorrow night to get here.  I'm not Catholic, and I'm single as a dollar bill and don't expect to have a cakemate for the night.  However, I will be burning a vanilla or lavender candle, cracking open a pint of Crown Royal XO (not my usual Crown Vanilla mixed with iced coffee), and listening to PJ Morton's new album The Piano Album , which drops on that day. PJ is coming off a great 2019 that yielded a Grammy and contributed few songs to the 2019 Cake Batter Playlist.  He'll probably make the 2020 CBP, too, with the way he's been putting in work.