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Victoria Monet's "Moment"

Victoria Monet's "Moment" Here's another banger for the Cake Batter Playlist.  Check out the below video.  Careful: Explicit Lyrics

The Photograph (2020) Soundtrack

The Photograph (2020) Soundtrack     Put the kids to bed early, tonight.  Turn on this soundtrack for the movie The Photograph and get your cake on.  The compilation includes several candidates for the 2020 Cake Batter Playlist, including H.E.R.'s "Comfortable."  Robert Glasper never fails to give you perfect wine and candle music.  This is a sexy soundtrack.  It gives off Love Jones vibes for me.  Unlike where I'd see a movie and want to buy the soundtrack, this soundtrack just sold a movie ticket. YouTube Music: The Photograph (2020) Soundtrack Apple Music: The Photograph (2020) Soundtrack