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"Wrong Places" - H.E.R.

  H.E.R. has done it, again. She's dropped another beautiful song that I'm adding to the 2020 Cake Batter Playlist. It's called "Wrong Places." It's got me in my feelings. lol... Check it out and keep caking.

Lonr (ft H.E.R.) - "Make the Most"

This is a dope record from Lonr.   I appreciate the desire and promises in the lyrics.  Even more than that, I appreciate the delivery.  The music is simple enough and leaves enough room for you to be able to appreciate these sultry voices.  This could've easily been a Sade record.I may be biased because I just love H.E.R. and anything that she's featured on but this should definitely be considered for your playlist. Get your cake on!

Ledisi - "Anything For You"

In the midst of sickness ravaging the world, what better to take your mind off of the madness than love, whether you're making it, looking at it, listening to it, or just thinking of it.  I was just sitting here, in my feelings about so many things, when I remembered that I'd saved the link to a new Ledisi single. The moment I clicked play, I was reminded of D'Angelo's "How Does it Feel," but this has a softer, sweeter feel.  Even better, it's not that "quickie" pattern that we hear so much, today.  "Anything For You" is a full-bodied piece for you to wrap your arms around and it slowly undresses for the listener. Pull it up on your preferred streaming platform and get your cake on. I had to buy it.  Yeah, I know I'm a dinosaur but I had to put it in the toolkit.