What is the Cake Batter Playlist?

    According to the Online Slang Dictionary, "caking" is an ambitransitive verb that means to talk with someone to whom your attracted, to flirt, to spit game, sweet talk.  When it comes to the Cake Batter Playlist, all of the above apply.

    Just like baking a cake in the oven, it takes more than just desire for a good cake session.  It takes skill.  I can't give you my secrets.  It also takes the right ingredients for your batter.  That's where the Cake Batter Playlist (CBP) comes in handy.

    The CBP is a list of songs that I curate throughout every year to help you set and maintain the mood for your caking.  It is intended to help you but to also celebrate and promote great music.

    Artists that appear on the All-Time CBP include everyone from James Brown and Sam Cooke to Keith Sweat and Luther.  The All-Time list isn't limited to any era or gender.

    To start the list, I'm just going to drop the entire 2019 CPB.  Afterward, There will be regular updates to the list that I'll compile throughout 2020 and each following year.

    If you come across any songs that should be considered hit me up on Twitter at @ejaculatingpen.

    Lastly, don't just watch the videos, buy good music and support the art.

    Keep Caking!  EP


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